Wilwood DynaPro Single Caliper

by Wilwood
These billet DynaPro calipers combine pure race technology with a new generation of Wilwood performance enhancements. Their sleek profile, superior strength, and durability in adverse conditions are easily adapted to a broad range of sports, rally, and off-road driving applications. Wilwood Billet DynaPro calipers feature a stress-flow forging that realigns the metal's grain structure within the contour of the caliper body. The FEA-generated, radial transition design eliminates steps and shoulders in the area between the piston housing body and the caliper bridge bolts. Structural deflection and volume displacement tests have proven the efficiency of this innovative design. All calipers are equipped with Wilwood's SRS stainless steel bridge plates. The SRS plates eliminate the bridge wear caused by pad gouging and extend the service life of the caliper body. The spring-loaded action of the SRS plates also eliminates pad rattle and dampens the vibration harmonics that contribute to squeal under braking.