Latch Link 111-5H SR7105OH - Harness


5-Point Harness - Fixed Sub Belt LH Pull Up Adjust

SFI 16.1 Certified 5-Point LatchLink Restraint includes 3" Lap and 2" Anti-Sub Strap. Harnesses are available with a 3" Shoulder or 2 Shoulder strap. Shoulders and Laps wrap in; Anti-sub straps come with bolt-on brackets wrapped in. The bracket has a 1/2" mounting hole. The bolt hole can be "stepped down" using the optional 5/16", 7/16", or 3/8" sleeve (or the bracket can be eliminated using the wrap adjuster alone). Anti-sub straps are fixed unless otherwise noted. Generally the only configuration with an adjustable sub is with Pull Down adjusters on both lap belts. 

LatchLink Harnesses Wrap Around The Roll Cage!

  • SFI 16.1 Certified
  • Central Latch System
  • 3" Lap Belts
  • Single Anti-Sub Strap
  • Attachments: 3-bar slide for wrap around a bar (end fittings sold separately)
  • Approximate Weight: 4.65 lbs (2.11 kg)